Thursday, January 27, 2011


so i know the pay is amazing compared my average slave labour, but working on a public holiday is just horrific. want to know why? (i'm sure you don't but sucker, this is my blog and i'm going to rant) the damn management doesn't roster enough people on to 'save labour costs' without considering that we currently had a special offer for half price frappuccinos, inconveniently enough from 3-5pm, when we needed to close at 5.30pm. so here we are, just the two of us being slammed by annoying people who want millions of the biggest fattest drinks they can order, just because they were half price. too much work to do, not enough time and definitely not enough staff. i was so mad. i have never been so mad at work before, i actually think it was the worst shift ever. and then to top it off, some jerk tries to ask me out, IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RUSH. i fumed and sent them on their way. i don't think i've ever been so rude in my life. the last thing i wanted to do was go back to work this morning at 6am. but alas, i did. and it was so fine. i'm such a maniac sometimes.


  1. I despise over-friendly customers. They ruin the entire day.

  2. ahh i know! just take your drink and get out of my life. haha.