Sunday, January 9, 2011

death of an interior decorator.

this week. the time has come to return the beloved records to their rightful owner. it's been a fantastic couple of months with them, and sometimes i wonder what would of been different without them. i wanted to give them a proper goodbye, a tribute to each one, how they made me feel and what they remind me of. corny. so corny. man i hate the word corny. never again.

oh frabbit. i was never able to fall asleep to music until you. you soothed me and you stopped right after i fell asleep. even though i may have overplayed you a little, i still love you. and i'm sorry i didn't see you at splendour. one day i'll make it up to you.

manchester orchestra! oh how your artwork pleases me. especially the inside fold out. i would love to hang you on my wall, but alas; you are not mine. and therefore i am unworthy. this delicious vinyl pairs with the annoying process of making my visual diaries for college. but you got me through. so thank you, thank you.

you my friend, deserve a medal of honour. the first time i played you was when my sister asked if she could take photos of me very late one sunday night in the pool. i believe it was the same day i received these records. i froze and could only hear sigur ros blasting out from inside the house. it was all too eerie and all too fitting. besides this, any time i hear sigur ros i want to weep and weep. but hearing it on vinyl was just the cherry on top of a beautiful musical relationship.

beirut, beirut, beirut. what to say about you. i am so pleased that the first time i heard you was on vinyl. a perfect start to our friendship ;) you're now one of my most treasured bands, and i really just can't get enough of you. you made my heart happy when i wasn't feeling so great. all of your songs, from all of your lps take me to my happy place, usually it's hard to get to. thanks for creating that path. and one day i will see you live and my heart will explode with joy.

oh costello, the second best elvis. the back artwork and the songs on this record make me feel so creative it's insane. i remember making the drawings for my birthday party while listening to you. play, flip, play, flip, play, flip, play, flip etc. for hours on end! boy was that a glorious saturday morning.

fleet foxes. what can i say, you make the world right. hearing you on vinyl made me love you so much more. i cannot count the amount of times i played you. but you definitely got your moneys worth. (however much andrew paid for you.) and as we speak, i am purchasing you from the internet for a sweet, sweet $19.99. you are definitely the fattest, most delicious record and i can't wait to have my own copy. you also remind me of turning eighteen.

i wasn't even supposed to borrow you necessarily. but man am i grateful that it was passed to me. everything about you is so great, and now dear eddie vedder will be treasured in my musical life for years to come. everything about into the wild is beautiful, and to take a piece of it and to be able to hold it, look at it, feel it and listen to it; man does it make you appreciate EVERYTHING. super cool.

this one is hard. very, very hard. listening to it right now. it's competing with the sound of the rain and is quite a beautiful mix really. it reminds me of being serene and underwater. and for some reason i really just enjoy sitting there and watching it spin. i love listening to death cab and reminiscing seth cohen moments and all things about the oc. but mostly it makes me feel like nothing matters and that just being is okay. i think this record has the most to give to someone who is feeling blue. and it has a lot to say about love.

this concludes my insane feelings towards records. you will all be sorely missed.

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