Thursday, January 6, 2011

sunset sounds.

oh. my. sunset sounds. it poured down with rain the whole entire time, except for the sunset today, which was spectacular and glorious. but lord did i have a blast. favourite acts; cold war kids - faaaaantastic - seriously been waiting years to see them, kitty daisy & lewis were super, so different and just really, really great. the national, my goodness. i almost wept they were flipping rad. today i had to make the choice between the middle east and boy and bear, hard decision, but i've seen the middle east a few times, they are so incredible but i really, really wanted to see boy and bear. so i did. and i'm glad i chose them. they were so great. and then the morning benders, which i almost blew off because i hadn't heard of them. lucky i ran into a friend who said to go watch them. and they were swell. missed all but one song of junip, wish i saw more. last night we were walking and we witnessed a conversation behind us..."excuse me, are you jose gonzalez? yes i am. i wish i could give you my cd, my band is called the honey month" !!! i know right! jose gonzalez!!! and let's not forget that the guitarist from the honey month was the first barefoot boy who captured my heart. ha. finally, the klaxons. oh boy were they good. best finish to the festival. and that ends my sunset sounds rant. i must go and wash myself as i am covered in mud. goodnight :)

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