Thursday, December 16, 2010


seeing as its the end of the year and all i feel i should post some of the stuff i've done. i haven't done much pretty stuff yet. it's kind of just assignments to learn illustrator and photoshop. mm yep.
the first was the print from my collograph plate on norway. the next is my logotrace and business card design assignment (ie. dear pathfinder, i will kill you, love jasmine). the next is a newspaper collage of some dude. then my cuban style tshirt print design for internet piracy. next was my constructivist influenced poster design for the typeface movie brisbane premier, i got to use the letter press which was fantasic. the last two are still work-in-progress types. the first is an animal planet australia logo. we were designated an animal and yes, i got a kangaroo. woopiee. the last is my type specimen for the typeface VAG Rounded Std. everything on the poster has to be made of characters of the typeface, including my precious combi, mostly made of brackets and the letter o. so that was an overview of my first semester at design college. i now have a certificate III in visual communication. yay!

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