Thursday, December 23, 2010

blue lagoon.

oh brother. what an epic day. i don't like working in the afternoons. everyone orders frappuccinos and expects me to like making them for them? fools! anyways, on arrival home there were three packages for me. three! the three best packages that there could ever be. first was my keith st ep, FINALLY. it's been weeks. so happy. second was my demo magazine, amazing but also kind of ruined by the rain. but ohwell. i have large printed press of alexander gow, how could i not be stoked? and finally was a box of chocolates and an AMAZING christmas card all the way from england. the dear ol' jessica barge has made my life that much better (again) by sending me things in the mail. she must know how rad she is, i mean really. so yep. i then had the strength to battle crowds of humans at germside. but still my christmas shopping is incomplete. one day left until christmas. wow man.

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