Tuesday, August 31, 2010

good vibrations.

the last day of winter. what a day indeed. borrowed my sisters bicycle (named roberta) and rode into west end to meet my friend. we had breakfast and rode all around the town like sweethearts. we went to her house, watched the rad film scott pilgrim vs. the world, which was awesome (quote unquote), and ventured to the tattoo parlour where she got her second tattoo. a paper aeroplane on her arm. what a babe. i then was walked back to my sisters house by another friend who is also quite the babe. i tied up roberta, said "hiiiiiiiiiiiii" to my sisters housemates and ventured on with my new ipod (160GB of goodness) and listened to the beach boys all the way home. i got home and watched full house, where coincidentally, the beach boys were featured. amazing.

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