Tuesday, August 3, 2010

everybody in my life seems so in love.

so those photos i posted, my crappy phone camera is responsible. but until i get all of my film developed, it's the only thing i have to show for myself. umm best week of my life. so i went to sydney for the strokes concert. it was insane. gypsy and the cat supported. they were okay. they sounded good...a bit lifeless though. and then the like played. well. just picture me, my sister and her boyfriend at the front of the mosh pit playing scissors paper rock. that's how good they were...but then the strokes. my goodness. amazing. however, we were squished to death. and then splendour. oh my. seriously, the best weekend ever. really. there were a few bands i had to miss out on/only see some of because of the damn timetable clashes. but my favourites were foals, grizzly bear, oh mercy, two door cinema club, the drums, band of horses, surfer blood, whitley, jónsi, passion pit, mumford and sons and pixies. i can't actually describe it as a whole. i just want to go back and do it all again. and there's definitely something i wish i had done and not been such a little mouse, but i guess i'll suffer with that.

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