Wednesday, September 8, 2010

hold out your hand.

oh mercy! most insane night. their set was amazing and they were really alexander's crazy hilarious ramblings (the continuous joke of his guitarists kindergarten hand writing, as well as him thinking in the hour and half set they had that he would be able to get impregnated, give birth, raise a child and then eat it..) they sang so many new songs. i just wanted to weep. alexander's voice is so wonderful. eliza sang a song at the beginning and was also quite wonderful. aaand michael from yves klein blue dropped in and played 'head full of steam' by the go betweens with alexander, and another song. so after, my sister's boyfriend was like 'lets go say hello' (keep in mind that last year he and my sister saw oh mercy play at the zoo, met alexander and also emailed him the song 'freezing hands' that they apparently had lost/forgotten about. alexander also wrote me that note that i posted on here probably a year ago.) so we went and said hello, and he remembered us. he shook my hand AND kissed me on the cheek AND got a photo with us AND gave us his number to get into their gig tomorrow night. AMAZING. so yep. i've pretty much lost my mind at this point. enjoy some sweet (by sweet i mean terrible quality because my phone is an ass) tunes that i recorded.

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