Tuesday, March 16, 2010

angry angus.

garrr. so i went to sydney for a week and it was wonderful. so, so wonderful. only to come home to a $50 taxi home, a trashed room with empty chocolate wrappers everywhere, a sheetless bed, and a dead computer. not happy jan. now i can't even talk about all the wonderful things in sydney because all i can't think about is how much i hate brisbane and the stupid inconsiderate faggots that i live with. so i didn't get to bed until 1am needing to wake up at 4.30 for my 7am shift. slept through my alarm, literally turned it off while i was sleeping, woke up at 6 to be completely doomed. get a call from work asking where i am, i was supposed to start work at 6am, making me realise that i changed my phone clock to daylight savings sydney time which for some dumb reason changed all my calendar events to an hour later (!) rushed off to work and somehow made it there by 6.30 and tra la la la laaaaa. busiest shift i have ever done, finished an hour and a half late, go card expired so had to reset it which somehow left me with a balance of $5 out of $17.95, walked home in the blazing sun wearing all black, get home to my ass of a room which no, did not miraculously clean itself. nor did the bitch who trashed it. and with just enough time to rant like a psycho on this blog that nobody reads, now i have my drum lesson. at least i can angrily bash something and it will be more than acceptable, encouraged, in fact. and horah for going to uni tomorrow to sit in a room for four hours drawing manky naked people. i think that if i have to draw a naked man, i will probably (definitely) gouge my eyes out with a scalpel and put hot irons on my face. i hope you (and by you i don't mean you, because you don't read this, so in fact i mean nobody, i hope nobody...) enjoyed my rant. i know i didn't.
oh and incase you (again by you i, of course, mean nobody) wanted to visualise how i feel...

i hope you had your bucket ready.


  1. oh jasmine.
    what an incredible rant.
    i also have to draw naked people for four hours at uni!
    (but instead of greek gods/goddesses, we got a middle-aged woman who was very hairy)

  2. ahh i hate drawing naked people. it feels so wrong!
    oh joaannaaa. how the blaaa is melbourne? i wish i didn't live in brislame!