Sunday, July 24, 2011

new york, new york.

okay, i'll admit it. i'm terrible at updating. but here's some of my new york photos. there were five rolls so this is super condensed. my new york experience in a nutshell: we stayed in a rad apartment with three lofts - totally alice in wonderland style - right next to the hells angels headquarters. which was pretty scary, although one of the ladies said she liked my shoes 'they're like ballet flats, but with holes in them.' we overheard her saying that to her friend. we saw the addams family on broadway which was hilarious. i wasn't really sure what it would be like but it was so funny i really would like to see it again. we tried to see 'how to succeed in business without really trying' which daniel radcliffe stars in, but it was too expensive unfortunately. we saw the final harry potter! still trying to figure out how i feel about it. i'm sad that it's over though :( we went up to our rooftop almost every night and had either hard lemonade, ice cream, cheese platters, key lime pies or delicious feasts from wholefoods. during the daytimes we hired bikes and explored central park (i did not realise how huge it was until we went to the top of the rockefeller building and could see the whole thing - i was astounded that i had biked around the entire park), we went to the MoMA and the Met, cool exhibitions at both. my favourites were the digital typography at the MoMA and Alexander McQueen at the Met. we found another stumptown coffee - two actually, one in the ace hotel which is the coolest hotel lobby ever - dimly lit with stuffed moose and deer heads mounted on the walls with heaps of rad cafes and photobooths - and the other was a stall at the brooklyn markets. which were the coolest markets i have ever been to - hands down. ahh new york was just so busy and i was kind of glad to get back to monterey where all seemed deserted and we could just hang out with our dad. but i'm back in melbourne now in the freezing cold, which is kind of nice! oh and i think i have one more roll from ny which i haven't developed yet..

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