Friday, July 15, 2011

roll 03 - keep portland weird.

these ones are all from portland, there was this huge band playing at the saturday markets. they were pretty cool and there were hippies dancing everywhere. oh and the drummer was just the coolest guy ever. the markets themselves weren't that great though.. the rose gardens were so pretty! we went there twice it was so nice. so many types of roses i've never even heard of. please agree with me how cute my dad is! there's plenty more photos coming too :) oh and then stumptown coffee! oh me oh my! so good. the best espresso i've had here. well, the only espresso i've had since being here, i don't really trust it. plus drip coffee is delicious!! there's a few shots of starbucks, it's the coolest one i've ever been to. it sold alcohol too so there was the coffee bar and then a liquor bar and it was so new and decorated so nicely. i want to work there! most of these photos are from the day my cousin brenda and her husband todd kidnapped us and took us to an amazing book store, stumptown coffee and some really rad shops in downtown portland. i've got another roll ready to upload and in about an hour i'll have ten more rolls from our roadtrip. yahooooo. but that probably won't be for a while as i'm off to new york tonight!

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