Wednesday, July 13, 2011


so far being on the road is excellent. we've driven from monterey to san francicsco to monterey to LA to the grand canyon to vegas and now we're on our way to the yosemite. i have a few new favourite things. mountains, elk, camper vans, hiking (IT'S SO GOOD), the sound of the shutter in my camera, the sky and teaching my dad to speak like an australian bogan (nothing has ever been this funny, trust me). i've also realised how much i appreciate roller coasters! far out they are so fun. last night in vegas my sister brooke and i went on two hotel roller coasters. first in new york, new york. sooo fun! and then we went in circus circus adventuredome and that was AMAZING. it went all kinds of upside downs and at one point it was pitch black and it was freaking terrifying. they were both rickety and i have bruises on my shoulders but i am more than pleased. also in LA we went to magic mountain, only made it on three (of the best) rides. the goliath, the superman and the X2. gar so much better than any damn australian theme park. oh and yesterday we went to the hoover damn and swam in lake mead. it was so pretty and amazing. vegas was actually really rad. a bit seedy but where isn't really, and so hot! i think it's the hottest temperature i've ever experienced! the grand canyon was epic! everything was so huge and stunning and colourful. i spent way too much money on authentic american indian trinkets. everything so far has been an aesthetic mind blow. even the gas stations have sick scenery. we just had a picnic at sunset at a gas station in lone pine. and it's ony just getting dark, AT 9PM!!! (this is still blowing my mind). i apologise for the disjointed updates. i've got so many more photos but every time i upload the internet slows down and everyone yells at me. so either when i get back to my dads house, or to new york i'll post more pictures. in the meantime i'm going to stare out the window at the moon until we arrive in bishop to roast marshmallows and drink hard lemonade.

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