Saturday, April 16, 2011

i want that you are always happy/nostalgia.

so i'm still trying to decide how i feel about the middle east's new album. it's good. really good. but it doesn't have that haunted feel that their last releases had. which sucks, because that's what made them so amazing. now i feel like they're this new band, which i like, but not for nearly as many reasons. besides missing their original sound, a few songs in particular kind of sound like ryan adams. which is enjoyable i suppose. on another note, whenever i listen to 'the recordings of the middle east' it takes me to when i was happiest; year twelve, living in taringa in a magical house with fairy lights next to a haunted house with two of my sisters and my mum, learning to drive, renting out seinfield every other day, reading his dark materials trilogy and staying up on school nights watching scary movies.

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