Friday, October 29, 2010

hold her hand and tell her twice.

the strangest/most amazing day...ever? bleh to work and driving lessons. buuut. i got home and decided it was indeed hot enough to swim. so after some deranged deep water running, i sat on the ground underwater contemplating the blurred sounds of beach fossils, amongst other things. walking back into the house i noticed a lovely brown paper package that had my name on it. YES. the boots.
for some reason my first reaction was not to put them on, but to smoosh them on my face. amused at my own insanity, i decided a photo was needed. i know i look like an alien but i'm willing to share my racoon-pool-eye with the world.

overjoyed with the fact that i can finally pretend i've grown an inch since i was fourteen, i then proceed to eat a whole packet of hubba bubba. my sanity is severely damaged this week, for certain. i think that last little bit of seventeen in me is being an attention seeker. speaking of growing up, i wrote this about a week ago and just remembered it. 

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