Thursday, October 21, 2010

green river.

ohhh my. what a big fat day. losing my voice in the middle of a shift whilst screaming out drink orders is not as fun as you might think. buuut today i was ever so grateful that whoever compiles the starbucks playlists is genius enough to include bon iver, fleet foxes and the national just to name a few. i also treated myself to a bagel (which has become a daily ritual i have noticed) and it cost the same amount as the meal i got refunded last night. i'm really unsure as to which i should count as the free meal. anyways, i came home from work and ACTUALLY studied for about four hours. i know right. insane. i kind of enjoyed it too. but shhh :) um what else. OH YEAH. most annoying train ride ever to college tonight. seriously. somebody burped in my face. it was that bad. but it's okay because i got a good pat on the back by my lecturer tonight for fulfilling the exact brief of this darn type pattern. here it is, in all it's quilt-like goodness.

isn't it hideously delicious? little do you all know that it is hand drawn and coloured, made up of hundreds of times new roman 'z' characters and took me HOURS. and it's just for my damn process journal. i loveee these assignments. i am not even joking.
what else can i rant about? oh yes. a girl from work must have analysed me and asked if i was a scorpio, saying my personality fits with one. indeed i am a scorpio. apparently i don't say much and not much needs to be said around me. it all makes sense now.

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