Monday, July 12, 2010

evening kitchen.

i would like to introduce grandma pearl. hiiiiii grandma pearl.

ha. today was oh so eventful. i had to get ba-loooomin' glasses, my sister gave me a puffy shirt, (ever since that episode of sienfield i've been lusting after the elusive puffy shirt, finally the world...uhh the mine), sashimi made my bed for me (again), i wore the perfume that smells like my dad (joop! i loved every minute of it wrong to wear cologne? i'm not trying to lull women, i just missed my dad today) and i saw a whole bunch of wonderful people. OH AND! i'm ALMOST finished perfume. i've been reading it since christmas. well. i stopped for a good six months but it's so unbelievably excellent. and it's been so much easier with my new grandma pearl persona. oh yes. goodnight!

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