Wednesday, June 9, 2010


remember the collagraph i wrote about a couple of days ago? well, here's the print. i really wish i had a better digital camera than my phone, but i am making do with what i have, so i apologise for the poor quality. but yes. so we had to do something to do with 'the metaphysical,' and my theme was dreams and nightmares. and the print emphasises nightmares entangling, trapping and swarming around my dreams. so it's symbolically me and my head full of dark and creepy dreamscapes all tangled in with my hair and what not. also when i turned the print around i noticed that the embossing on the back is quite incredible. it shows everything that i actually physically glued onto the collagraph and is nice and neat without the ink ha. so yeah, sorry the quality is retarded.

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