Thursday, May 27, 2010

ra ra riot.

today was so good! apart from almost killing myself on my way home. had to carry four canvases, a 2 metre roll of kraft paper, a roll of A1 cartridge paper, a metre of cardboard, my already massive bag full of all kinds of art materials, some books and a large tin of undercoat. geeeeeez. i ended up getting a taxi which cost twenty dollars :( can you just imagine me on the bus/train with all that junk? physically could not carry it without falling over every ten seconds. gee thanks mother for choosing today to consume just enough wine to not be able to drive. mm. i then painted the night away. and indeed the night is gone. i need to be too. goodnight world. i leave you with a picture of my friends; freda, who is playing the saxaphone, or so it seems...and caity who, well, i don't really know what she was doing.

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