Saturday, May 8, 2010

quiet heart.

i helped my sister  moved house, and now she lives in the most wonderful little apartment. it's so cute and has so much character. so iwas just unpacking, setting up and looking through a few of her art books, magazines and clothes. the whole environment just made me remember what it was like to have such wonderful ideas. it's totally about what environment you're in as to how your art looks. my house right now is so uninspiring. it's all so modern and boring. i guess i should try and find some character within in. but i have tried. i made my room look as good as it can but it's just not enough. i need wooden floors, moulded ceilings, beautiful archways, overgrown leafy vines and other added pretty surprises. so thanks, pretty little "polden" :) for giving back my happy thoughts.

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