Saturday, May 22, 2010

love is like a letter wrote.

today was just wonderful. i had uni where we did four hours of painting a nude man. it was surprisingly enjoyable (honestly, i am completely and totally grossed out by male parts, ha, but painting them isn't so bad). i then had a 2.5 hour shift at work, short and sweet. i love my starbucks store and my fellow partners ♥
i then played drums at youth group and had some amazing god moments. then my lovely friend naomi took me home, we sat in the car waiting for the rain to pass, then sat on my balcony drinking tea watching the pretty city until we both had no ears (we chewed each other's off). then i checked my computer and found out that matt corby is touring oh so soon. i wont be eighteen for his gig at the troubadour but shhhh...
now i am off to bed. goodnight world, thanks for being so amazing today x

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