Wednesday, May 5, 2010

carol of the meows.

oooooookay. so, was completely distraught at not being able to go to splendour (the whole if you're under 18 you must be with a 25 year old...and i don't really know anyone who's 25). but the only reason i was not going to stab myself in the eye was it meant that my savings could go towards a new drum kit (because they cost an arm and a leg....and a foot, and a jaw plus six teeth.) so fra-la-laing through deciding what i wanted + how much more i need to save, my sister calls me saying "JASMINE, WE ARE GOING TO SPLENDOUR!" so now i am going again and i'm just too happppy. in a daze of my own insanity. yep. who am i kidding? of course i should have stabbed myself in the eye, have you SEEN the line up? most reasons why i am the freak that i am are going to be in one place at one time. gahhh. so yeah. if i don't get tickets tomorrow though, wow. i just don't know how i'll reassure myself again.
oh and on a totally unrelated (yet AWESOME) note, the o.c always has had the best sound track, and tonight i found THE BEST song. the best. it's a parody of the christmas song "carol of the bells" where every single lryic is replaced by the word "meow." i am actually in awe right now of the band guster. i mean just LOOK at them! they are genius.

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