Sunday, April 18, 2010


late at night, my sister and i tend to have really weird discussions in our deliriousness. last night we were saying 'why can't people just read other people's minds?' 'but then everyone would know everything everyone was thinking' 'yeah' 'but then what if you think someone's fat? they would know that you thought that' 'yeah but then you could control your thoughts with your out loud voice, so people would only hear your thoughts and you'd say the things out loud that you don't want them to hear' 'yeah but you control your thoughts with your thoughts, and you can only hear what's out that doesn't make sense...' 'whatever, i just want someone to read my mind'
it went on a little bit. so i've come to the conclusion that we're insane.
so i just thought i'd share that. yep.

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